We’re simplifying logistics for every African business

Visibility & excellence through the entire chain

In the last 24 hours, you probably have had to consume or use something that needed to be transported to you. And although the world is more digitally advanced than ever, our methods of transporting goods from one point to another are still very fragmented and manual. Many businesses require multiple delivery companies to move packages, each with its own systems, processes & complexities.
Sendstack's solutions simplify logistics by connecting businesses with every key player in the supply chain & maintaining much needed visibility. We're setting a new standard & doing this like never before.

What's our “why”?

Not enough African businesses make it past their first few years of operating. Complexities in the logistics and supply chain processes remain one of the major reasons.
Borne from our passion to build useful solutions that will become the backbone of many businesses, we launched Sendstack in 2022 but we are only just scratching the surface. We believe in growing through storms, remaining kind and fostering meaningful partnerships. We're a team that's committed to delivering the best possible results for everyone we work with.

The team behind the magic

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